Be a Positive Person

An optimistic outlook and attitude will create positive results in your life. Positivity starts in your mind, so be happy and have a “can do” attitude. Smiles are magnetic, so wear yours every day. There is no room for negativity in any relationship whether it is personal or business oriented. It is a well-known fact - people are naturally drawn to others who are habitually cheerful. People always shun negative individuals who bring them down in life; so think positively about your life, your work, your relationships, and most importantly your goals. Don’t be a complainer or a whiner. Don’t be the one who reminds everyone of how tough life is. Instead be the person that inspires others to believe that life is good today and will be better tomorrow. I truly believe that every reader who reflects objectively on their own character in this regard can improve their own personal happiness and relationships in some manner by working to be more positive in all aspects of their life.

A sample reading from the book:

199 Ways To Improve Your Relationships, Marriage, and Sex Life

By L. B. Sommer



199 Ways To Improve Your Relationships, Marriage, And Sex Life

6" x 9" Paperback $12.99

KINDLE E-book version $3.99

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