Be Faithful

Monogamy gets a bad rap nowadays as many say it’s unnatural, impossible, outdated, and confining. Yet in reality there are many benefits in being faithful to just one person. Monogamy will promote emotional health in your relationships as trust, loyalty, commitment, devotion, and respect are all heightened in monogamous relationships. Monogamy also promotes physical and financial health in your relationship. Your physical health is protected from sexually transmitted diseases as well as from jealous friends, lovers, husbands, and wives. Your financial health is enhanced by being able to focus all your energy and money into one long term endeavor. True love is an unselfish act, as is monogamy. If you truly desire a lasting relationship you should seek to find a monogamous partner, as a non-monogamous partner is much more likely to move on when they find the bigger better deal that pleasures their selfish desires more than you do. 

Sample reading from the book:

199 Ways to Improve Your Relationships, Marriage, and Sex Life

By L. B. Sommer 


199 Ways To Improve Your Relationships, Marriage, And Sex Life

6" x 9" Paperback $12.99

KINDLE E-book version $3.99 

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