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There are at least 200,000,000 guns in the USA. There are 10,000 murders with guns each year. This means that only 1 in 20,000 guns is used in a murder each year. 99.99 percent of guns are held by owners who are responsible law-abiding citizens!!! Those who act irrationally will do so whether their is a gun in the house or not. Murders happen at the same pace in countries without guns, the murderer just uses a different weapon. Do not let the emotions of the moment cloud your common sense and good judgement. Most murders are tied directly to crime and drugs, while the vast majority of spree shooters are suffering from depression and some other form of serious mental illness. An exceptionally small percentage of criminals and mentally unstable people will always exist and will always ignore the law of the land, so taking guns away from law-abiding citizens accomplishes nothing. According to a 2010 U.N report I found on Wikipedia, the US murder rate is 4.9 persons per 100,000. The worldwide average is 6.9 persons per 100,000. Don;t listen to their fear-mongering tactics. A law abiding citizen like yourself is safer with your guns than without them. Estimates vary dramatically depending on whose statistics you consider trustworthy, but gun owners prevent between 50 and 200 crimes for every murder that occurs in our country, and many of these are violent crimes. Here are a few signs, quotes, and statistics that support our second amendment right to bear arms.

Sign supporting second amendment. A word to the wise: A man with a gun is a citizen. A man without a gun is a subject.
Quote sign supporting gun ownership - Independence, I would never invade the United States. There would be a gun behind every blade of grass.
Sign supporting 2nd amendment rights - Guess which items are used in more murders?

Since these household items are used in more murders than assault weapons- should not we outlaw baseball bats, crowbars, hammers, and rolling pins before assault rifles??? Obviously not... the solution to lowering murder rates is far too complex to be solved by violating our basic American freedoms - INCLUDING OUR SECOND AMENDMENT RIGHTS TO BEAR ARMS.

Fact: Automobiles are used more often in assault with a deadly weapon cases than assault rifles. Should not we outlaw cars before guns?
Funny sign supporting guns - Don't ban guns, ban mental illness

Only a mentally disturbed person can shoot and kill scores of people. I challenge the readers of this webpage to remember a shooting case study where the shooter did not have some history of mental health issues. Would not it be wiser to invest our tax dollars into improving mental health care in the USA instead of spending 500 million dollars over the next few years banning guns and clips from the 99.99% of law-abiding citizens??? And by the way, should not someone be asking why it costs so much to ban assault rifles and clips??? Can't we just pass a law and enforce it with the existing authorities??? Not only is the government infringing on our Constitutional rights, but they are wastefully enriching the friends of every politician in the process! Would not it be cheaper to give every single gun purchaser a free mental health screening than to spend 500 million dollars on gun control??? 

Funny but tru sign about guns - No, seriously... guns do not deter crime, cops only carry them because it makes them look cool.
An Andrew Ford quote supporting the right to bear arms
True fact about gun control. Chicago, very strict gun laws, very high crime rate.
Funny but true sign showing how gun control failed under various world dictators.

As these examples show, history clearly proves that the first step to chaos is the banning of guns by a government. All these dictatorships started with a gun ban and ended with the murder of millions of victims, mostly their own people.

Guns don't make you a killer. Killing makes you a killer.
Sign asking will banning assault rifles and larger clips end school shootings?
A pro gun sign proving that violent people do not need guns to commit large scale chaos. Timothy McVeigh cited as an example.
Gun control quote from former President Ronald Reagan supporting our right to bear arms.
Questions about gun control. Oh, if guns were illegal no one would have one?
Gun laws would prevent school shooting sprees?
Gun control is like trying to reduce drunk driving by making it tougher for sober people to own cars.
Question: If you don't have to give your car because others drive drunk with theirs then why do you have to give up your gun because others commit crimes with theirs?
Statistics showing how law abiding citizens use guns daily to protect themselves. Murder rates are lower in states that have laws permitting concealed weapons.
Firearm deaths per 100,000 - These statistics show clearly that firearm deaths have been dropping for past three decades and most firearm deaths are suicides.

Death rates are 50 percent lower than just 3 decades ago. Don't listen to baseless emotional pleas from the government or other people, look up the statistics yourself. 2010 statistics by the U.N. show 4.9 persons per 100,000 were killed by guns in the USA, not counting suicides. Suicides account for approximately half of the gun deaths in the USA, but gun opponents will never tell you this fact. A suicidal person who is intent on killing themselves will always find a way, so banning guns because some choose this form of exit is not going to make the world a safer place as you are told by gun opponents.

Which sign will prevent another tragedy? Armed teachers and security will prevent shooting sprees

It is important to read these signs from the killer's viewpoint. Gun-free zones are a green light for potential spree killers, while armed security will persuade such cowards to find an easier target. Since we live in a free society, it is impossible to stop these types of mentally ill people from finding soft targets; yet if you want to protect children then we need to have armed security and/or teachers at every school.

what do teachers want in regard to gun control?
Gun Control Fact: Only 323 murders were committed by rifles in 2011.
Fact: 15% percent of white American kids and half of black American kids are killed by abortion each year. What percent of all Americans were killed by guns in 2010? .0000372 Like usual, the government is trying to fix the wrong problem.

Of this small .0000372 percent only a very small percent are killed with assault rifles, so move the decimal a couple more places to the left and this is how many lives we might save by banning assault rifles - about 115. The number of lives saved assumes that the would be murderer would not just use another weapon instead, so realistically the number is even smaller.

If liberals truly want to save the most victims possible, spending the 500 million dollars that is proposed for gun control on preventing unnecessary abortions would save thousands if not tens of thousands more lives each year. In the U.S.A. 3500 innocents are murdered each day by abortion. I am not proposing that we do away with abortion, although that is my preference as a God-fearing Christian. I am just saying that spending 500 million on gun control makes far less sense than spending 500 million on sex education, preventing unnecessary abortions, and providing pregnant women with more options for giving up their newborn babies for adoption. Dollar for dollar we could save hundreds of baby's lives for every gun death that we might prevent by banning assault weapons. Don't let the emotions of the moments blur the facts, gun deaths caused by assault rifles (115 each year) is mathematically as well as morally insignificant compared to the 1,500,000 children killed each year in the U.S.A. by abortion.

Gun control advocates are like serial killers, they are never satisfied with just one conquest.

 Gun control advocates will never be satisfied! If you give an inch they take a mile. Inch by Inch governmental creep has stolen our constitutuional rights, especially in the last few decades. Protect your rights. BE A PATRIOT AND SUPPORT YOUR SECOND AMENDMENT RIGHTS!!!

There are no dangerous weapons. there are only dangerous men. And Obama is dangerous when it comes to our second amendment rights.

When it comes to freedom, independence, and your 2nd amendment rights Obama is a dangerous man. Let the reader beware! Protect your rights. BE A PATRIOT AND SUPPORT YOUR SECOND AMENDMENT RIGHTS!!!

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