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Walk with God each day

     The scriptures show us that originally it was God's plan for mankind to walk in the garden each day with him. Each evening God would provide Adam and Eve with guidance they needed. Based on this knowledge, I have created this Bible verse generator to allow you to get the random advice from God you need each day. I hope you will come here at least once a day, say a daily prayer, and then hit the NEW button below to see what scriptural guidance God will reveal to you. I personally believe that every person who seeks God's word this way will draw closer to him.

Random Bible Verses
New Bible Verses

 Poetry by L. B. Sommer

A Lesson Remembered


The smell of doom engulfs the air,

Debris and death are everywhere,

Brimstone and fire from heaven sent,

There’s no escape as God now vents.


Mountains fall at my very side,

Armageddon has just arrived,

The moon and sky aglow like blood,

There’s wind and hail as well as floods.


Darkness conquers the day at hand,

The oceans shift as well as land,

Earthquakes rumbling as once foretold,

Ancient prophesies now unfold.


The voice of God thunders the air,

Judgments echo for all to hear,

Horsemen of death inspire such fear,

As guilty ones can’t hide their tears.


One by one they fall near to me,

Angels striking them as they flee,

The meek avoid the angels’ wrath,

The rest are dead along their path.

I can’t escape God’s perfect sight,

There’s no reason to run in fright,

I know my judgment has been made,

From how I lived from day to day.


Nothing surprises me it seems,

Except one detail unforeseen,

As I look death in its’ dark eye,

I feel no fear, I ponder why.

Life had meaning, I’m satisfied,

I did my best - I really tried,

Led by knowledge and by spirit,

I'll survive, but not on merit.


With their judgment coming my way,

I start to doubt, I need to pray,

Each past mistake enters my head,

Now I wonder - soon I’ll be dead?


Suddenly I am awakened

From this most incredible dream,

A big lesson I’ve been re-taught:

I must prepare, in case I’m not.


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