Don’t Be Judgmental 

While I understand it is easy for people to form opinions based on the actions of others, it is extremely important in your personal relationship not to be excessively judgmental of your loved one. Focusing on every little negative aspect of your mate will usually only generate other negative feelings, which over a long period of time will inevitably deteriorate your love and respect for them. You must always think positive and be positive in all aspects of your relationship. You must accept even your mate’s faults. You must be extremely careful not to automatically attribute bad motives to your loved one’s actions. If they do something that is disturbing to you then it is best to confront them honestly and respectfully, instead of instantly judging them and letting negative feelings develop. It is much better to ask them why they behaved or acted a certain way. Maybe they can help you understand why they chose to act the way they did. 

 This excerpt is from the book:

199 Ways To Improve Your Relationships, Marriage, and Sex Life

By L. B. Sommer


199 Ways To Improve Your Relationships, Marriage, And Sex Life

6" x 9" Paperback $12.99

KINDLE E-book version $3.99


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