About Me

I am a typical small-time author - I have a little talent and big dreams. I read online the other day that overnight success in writing takes at least ten years, so I guess I am getting close to the fame and fortune I deserve. (-;    In pursuit of publicity and name recognition I have also designed a couple websites to help market my books. If you get a chance you should check out my latest website at LOLLYGAGGING.NET

About My Books

I have written and self-published the book listed below, and I am currently writing a second self-help book entilted Perceptions. This book will take a look at how the perceptions of our minds influence every aspect of our lives. I hope my latest book will help my readers to enlighten their minds and to better evaluate their own successes and failures. The magnitude of contentment that we find in our life starts with our thoughts, so I hope this book will also help its readers to open their minds and hearts to new possibilities and outlooks that can improve their overall happiness and success in life.


Books by L. B. Sommer

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199 Ways To Improve

Your Relationships, Marriage,

And Sex Life



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